How to tow cars using straps?

How to tow cars using straps

One of the most inexpensive methods to tow cars is with the help of straps. These are easily available and can provide satisfactory results. Towing cars with the help of straps is one of the most common methods that people employ. Nonetheless, it is not a completely safe method and a malfunction can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, various states around the world have placed restrictions on the use of straps for towing purposes. However, if necessary precautions are followed and all the steps are performed in a professional manner then it can prove to be a cost effective useful method to tow cars.

Necessary precautions before performing the towing process

Towing the cars with the help of straps is a useful method; however, we recommend that people should follow a few precautions in order to ensure complete safety. Some of the precautions that people should follow are as below:

  1. It is important to check whether car towing using straps is legal in the area. It is restricted in certain parts of the world, which is why it is important to ensure that it is legal in all areas involved in the journey.
  2. There are straps of different strengths and they are able to support vehicles of different weight limits. Therefore, it is important to select straps that are able to support the weight of the car that needs transportation.
  3. Incase an old strap is to be used then we recommend that it should be checked properly for weak points as the straps may lose their strength after using them for a few times. If the strap has weak points then it will break at a certain point during the transportation process resulting in unforeseen circumstances.
  4. We recommend attaching this tribe to the recovery point of the vehicle. However, we also recommend ensuring that the recovery point has the strength to support the weight of the tow vehicle.

Steps involved in the process to tow vehicles using steps

Before starting the process, we recommend ensuring all the precautionary measures. Once all the requirements have been considered, the process to tow cars using straps can be performed. Below are the necessary steps involved in the process to tow cars using straps:

  1. Take a suitable tow strap appropriate for the gross weight level of the broken car. Lay it out in front of the vehicle and clear any wrinkles that may be present.
  2. Now find the recovery points on both the vehicles in order to tie the strap to these points. Recovery points are usually holes present on the front and back frame of the vehicle from where the straps can be tied.
  3. Now, position the tow vehicle in such a way that it is in front of the vehicle that has broken down. In this way, we can tie the strap to the recovery points of both the vehicles properly.
  4. Now, tie the strap to recovery points and stretch it by moving the tow vehicle until it is tight.
  5. We recommend placing a blanket on the strap in order to reduce the whip effect in case the strap brakes.
  6. Now, pull the tow vehicle slowly so that the broken down vehicle will follow.