What are the different types of tow trucks available in the market?

What are the different types of tow trucks available in the market?

There are various types of tow trucks available in the market, which are used for different purposes in the industry. Advancement in technology has brought about these different types of tow trucks that are able to tackle a particular problem in a more convenient manner while offering better results. We have listed the five most significant tow trucks used in the industry and their purposes in order to guide the readers. We recommend that for a particular service, an appropriate tow truck should be used so that the maximum level of safety and efficiency can be achieved. 

Hook and chain trucks

These are the most common types of tow trucks used in industry and have been present for a long time. These tow trucks use a hook and chain mechanism in order to lift the front portion of the vehicle while the back portion remains on the ground. However, these tow trucks are not commonly used since they can damage the vehicles. Similarly, the availability of more effective and safe types of tow trucks have reduced their demand.

Wheel lift trucks

These trucks use a hydraulic lift mechanism instead of a chain and hook mechanism to lift the cars. These trucks lift the front portion of the vehicles hydraulically while the back portion of the vehicle stays on the ground. In this way, the car can be conveniently towed to the desired location while the risk of damage to the car is also minimized. However, these trucks are more commonly used for lifting sedans and they are not useful for all types of vehicles.

Flatter tow trucks

These types of tow trucks have a flatbed with the help of which the vehicles can be lifted and locked. These are among the safest types of tow trucks for transporting cars and they are able to support the bulk load as well.

Boom trucks

Boom trucks are useful for pulling heavy-duty vehicles such as trailers and other tow trucks. A boom truck is most commonly used for pulling another truck that is trapped is in a ditch or other such places. These are heavy-duty trucks and provide valuable services.

Integrated tow trucks

These trucks are a combination of boom trucks and wheel lift trucks since they combine the mechanism of the two in order to pick up vehicles. These are useful for picking up illegally parked cars alongside roads and other areas. Get more info about different methods to perform the motorcycle towing process here.