What are the different types of tow trucks available in the market?

What are the different types of tow trucks available in the market?

There are various types of tow trucks available in the market, which are used for different purposes in the industry. Advancement in technology has brought about these different types of tow trucks that are able to tackle a particular problem in a more convenient manner while offering better results. We have listed the five most significant tow trucks used in the industry and their purposes in order to guide the readers. We recommend that for a particular service, an appropriate tow truck should be used so that the maximum level of safety and efficiency can be achieved. 

Hook and chain trucks

These are the most common types of tow trucks used in industry and have been present for a long time. These tow trucks use a hook and chain mechanism in order to lift the front portion of the vehicle while the back portion remains on the ground. However, these tow trucks are not commonly used since they can damage the vehicles. Similarly, the availability of more effective and safe types of tow trucks have reduced their demand.

Wheel lift trucks

These trucks use a hydraulic lift mechanism instead of a chain and hook mechanism to lift the cars. These trucks lift the front portion of the vehicles hydraulically while the back portion of the vehicle stays on the ground. In this way, the car can be conveniently towed to the desired location while the risk of damage to the car is also minimized. However, these trucks are more commonly used for lifting sedans and they are not useful for all types of vehicles.

Flatter tow trucks

These types of tow trucks have a flatbed with the help of which the vehicles can be lifted and locked. These are among the safest types of tow trucks for transporting cars and they are able to support the bulk load as well.

Boom trucks

Boom trucks are useful for pulling heavy-duty vehicles such as trailers and other tow trucks. A boom truck is most commonly used for pulling another truck that is trapped is in a ditch or other such places. These are heavy-duty trucks and provide valuable services.

Integrated tow trucks

These trucks are a combination of boom trucks and wheel lift trucks since they combine the mechanism of the two in order to pick up vehicles. These are useful for picking up illegally parked cars alongside roads and other areas. Get more info about different methods to perform the motorcycle towing process here.

Towing recommendations to prepare a car to be towed?

It is important to follow some towing recommendations in order to prepare the car for the process in such a way that its safety can be ensured and the process can be performed in an effective manner. Most people tend to get the services of a towing company in order to handle the process; however, some people also perform the process on their own. Or you might go to a Bozeman Roadside Assistance for the best solution. There are different towing recommendations for either of the two options and we will discuss them in detail below:

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How to tow cars using straps?

How to tow cars using straps

One of the most inexpensive methods to tow cars is with the help of straps. These are easily available and can provide satisfactory results. Towing cars with the help of straps is one of the most common methods that people employ. Nonetheless, it is not a completely safe method and a malfunction can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, various states around the world have placed restrictions on the use of straps for towing purposes. However, if necessary precautions are followed and all the steps are performed in a professional manner then it can prove to be a cost effective useful method to tow cars.

Necessary precautions before performing the towing process

Towing the cars with the help of straps is a useful method; however, we recommend that people should follow a few precautions in order to ensure complete safety. Some of the precautions that people should follow are as below:

  1. It is important to check whether car towing using straps is legal in the area. It is restricted in certain parts of the world, which is why it is important to ensure that it is legal in all areas involved in the journey.
  2. There are straps of different strengths and they are able to support vehicles of different weight limits. Therefore, it is important to select straps that are able to support the weight of the car that needs transportation.
  3. Incase an old strap is to be used then we recommend that it should be checked properly for weak points as the straps may lose their strength after using them for a few times. If the strap has weak points then it will break at a certain point during the transportation process resulting in unforeseen circumstances.
  4. We recommend attaching this tribe to the recovery point of the vehicle. However, we also recommend ensuring that the recovery point has the strength to support the weight of the tow vehicle.

Steps involved in the process to tow vehicles using steps

Before starting the process, we recommend ensuring all the precautionary measures. Once all the requirements have been considered, the process to tow cars using straps can be performed. Below are the necessary steps involved in the process to tow cars using straps:

  1. Take a suitable tow strap appropriate for the gross weight level of the broken car. Lay it out in front of the vehicle and clear any wrinkles that may be present.
  2. Now find the recovery points on both the vehicles in order to tie the strap to these points. Recovery points are usually holes present on the front and back frame of the vehicle from where the straps can be tied.
  3. Now, position the tow vehicle in such a way that it is in front of the vehicle that has broken down. In this way, we can tie the strap to the recovery points of both the vehicles properly.
  4. Now, tie the strap to recovery points and stretch it by moving the tow vehicle until it is tight.
  5. We recommend placing a blanket on the strap in order to reduce the whip effect in case the strap brakes.
  6. Now, pull the tow vehicle slowly so that the broken down vehicle will follow.

Different methods to perform motorcycle towing process

Different methods to perform motorcycle towing process

Motorcycle towing is another important service that people require all over the world. Motorcycles also susceptible to getting damaged due to which they may require transportation from one place to another. In most cases, people do not take much care while transporting motorcycles due to the ease of handling them. However, in case the motorcycles are more valuable then we recommend hiring professional motorcycle towing services in order to move them. Similarly, companies have to move motorcycles from one city to another for which they require motorcycle towing business services. There are a number of different motorcycle towing methods with the help of which the process can be performed in a convenient manner. In this article, we will explain a few methods with the help of which the users can tow motorcycles in a convenient manner:

Two-wheel or wheel lift towing

Wheel lifting method is an efficient method of first towing motorcycles and conveniently transforming them from one place to another. This method requires the use of tow dollies having an axle and a frame on which the motorcycle can be easily attached. It is very convenient to move the motorcycle up the ramp and make the required connection in order to ready it for transportation.

Towing cradles

It is another common and convenient method with the help of which the motorcycles can be transported from one place to another. In this method, towing cradles or motorcycle trailer hitches are used which are inexpensive and user-friendly. They allow people to tow the motorcycles easily on their own without requiring the services of professionals. In the process, one wheel of the motorcycle is on the ground while the front wheel is attached to the trailer. The trailer can be attached to the vehicle in order to move it from one place to another.

Flatbed towing

It is the simplest motorcycle towing process with the help of which the users can transport motorcycles from one place to another. Those motorcycles, which break down completely and are unable to move require flatbed towing. Similarly, the motorcycles whose tyres have completely worn out and it is not possible to drag them have to be transported using the flatbed towing method. In this method, a flatbed trailer or tow truck is required in order to place the motorcycles on them so that it is convenient to transport them without damaging them any further. The motorcycles are placed on the flatbed and connections are made so that their movement during the transportation process can be minimized. However, in order to transport motorcycles using flatbed-towing method, the users will have to acquire the services of a professional company. And more towing tips.

How to Start a Towing Business? (Part 2)

How to Start a Towing Business

This is the second part of our towing process series of how to start a successful towing
business. We are going to discuss deeper details in the towing industry in order to
run your business smoothly and with the proper knowledge.
So first of all, what are the steps you should take to start a towing company?
When you are ready to start your first towing company, you should consider following
these steps to make sure that your company is legal and your money and time are
not wasted.

• First Step: Have a Business Plan:

You should have a clear plan about what you are going to do. For example

  1. The initial costs.
  2. Your Target market.
  3. Your Business Name. The name of your business is very critical. Choose a name that is not taken as a web domain and secure it before someone else think of it.

• Second Step: Your Legal Entity:

This is very important in case your security guard company is sued. You won’t be
sued personally.

• Third Step: Taxes:

Before opening your business, check for all the state and federal taxes. You should hire an accountant to handle this.

• Fourth Step: Opening a Bank Account for Your Business:

From the very beginning, record all your expenses and to understand and analyze
your financial performance. Keep all the records detailed and organized.

• Fifth Step: Obtain All the Necessary Licenses:

Make your business safe by obtaining all the paperwork needed such as licenses
and permits in order not to expose your business to be shut down.

• Sixth Step: Obtain a Business Insurance:

Insurance is one of the critical things for all kinds of businesses. It is also
obligatory in some states in case you hire employees.

• Seventh Step: Define Your Business:

Ask yourself, what does my company stand for? And how the public should
perceive it? You should define your business and your brand in a very competitive

• Eights Step: Have an Online Presence:

You should allow your customers to find you online and rate your business. The
good feedbacks will help your business to grow faster. Use all kinds of social
networks to attract new clients.
Now, let’s clarify some points regarding the costs involved in opening your towing
business. More 4 towing tips.

  1. The startup costs vary according to how much you are going to pay to purchase
    a tow truck.
  2. Obtaining all the necessary licenses is also major expenses. Permits like state
    permit, local permits, and others must be obtained too.
  3. You must purchase insurance. For more information, check our last part of this guide and get ready to start your business.

How to Get Ready for Your First Towing? (Part 1)

How to Get Ready for Your First Towing

None loves towing business; that is a fact. Who wants to be the victim of a broken down
vehicle on the road. However, accidents happen and they are more common than you may think. You may have a dead battery, flat tire, or an accident. That is why
you need to be ready if you never got your vehicle towed before. Finding out that you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to be diagnosed and fixed is already a hard thing. You need to make sure that your vehicle will not have problems while being moved from the location of the problem to the mechanic. Towing may be kind of overwhelming if you never experienced it before. That is why we wrote these tips for people to avoid first time towing process mistakes.

• Stay As Safe As Possible:

Once your vehicle breaks down, consider the following points in order.

  1. Secure your safety. If you can, try to move your vehicle from the road away from the other vehicles. If you can’t, ask for help. Everyone should stay in the vehicle. Also, turn the hazard lights on.
  2. If it is impossible to move the vehicle, it is essential to turn the hazard lights on to make your car visible to the other cars on the road. If the hazard lights don’t
    work, try to set flares around your vehicle. Try to stay as secure as possible.
  3. After securing your location, stay in the car and lock its doors especially if you’re alone. When someone approaches, speak to him/her through a partially opened window.

• Prepare All the Paperwork That Might Be Needed:

Once you make sure that everything is secured, you should start thinking about what are you going to do. If you’re well-prepared, this whole process might take a
few minutes.

  1. The first thing you should start thinking of is your insurance. Many insurance companies already deal with roadside assistance companies. Nowadays, it is even
    much easier. You can check all the information you need on the website of your

insurance company or app. Make sure to check this information before going on the road; they may save you a lot of time and money.

  1. If this information isn’t available, it is time to make copies of all the paperwork you have and leave copies in your vehicle. Make sure you have the customer service number and that they are available 24/7.
  2. Make a call and ask if you have coverage for towing services and roadside assistance.
  3. If you don’t have coverage for towing services, ask your insurance companies for recommendations about the best towing-maintenance companies they work with. This saves you a lot of time and effort in trying to explain what happened. The cooperation between the towing company and your insurance will speed up everything. Make sure to read our second part of how to get ready for your first towing tips and drive safely.

4 Towing Tips Every Driver Should Know

towing services

We work in the first towing industry. However, we don’t like towing and we understand the feelings of our customers when they call us asking for help. This is one of the main factors making us a great towing company in the first place. We also know how relieving it is to see the tow truck approaching when you’re on the side of the road with a non-functional car. It is also important to be prepared for all situations. That is why you should keep these tips in your mind in case you needed towing business services.

1. Choose the Best Towing Companies in Your Neighborhood:

This is one of the most important tips due to the following reasons.
• You may be stranded in an area without enough cell service and/or data.
• If you can enroll in a towing services program, it would be great. You may also look for the best towing services covering your whole driving area.
• Hire towing service working 24/7 and during holidays too.

2. Provide the Operator with Your Exact Location:

Once you need a tow, your location becomes a very precious piece of information.
• Look for landmarks and other road signs while driving especially if you’re driving in an isolated area.
• We live in the era of smartphones. Provide your towing company with your exact location using Google maps or save the area offline if you don’t have an internet connection.

3. When Do You Need A Tow?

There are many situations where your vehicle may not require calling a towing service. For example, if you crashed into a wild animal and there were no damages to your vehicle, you don’t need towing process . However, you need to call for help for the poor animal. Other situations require towing such as collisions. You should not try to drive if the vehicle can’t make it. Also, towing save you. You won’t be in danger when you let professionals handle your vehicle. Things like a tire with low pressure or leaking fluids are dangerous and require towing.

4. Make Calls While Waiting for The Towing Services:

While waiting for the towing services, make some phone calls. Call law enforcement and your insurance company. Also, call your family and tell them you’re okay. The waiting time depends on how many tow trucks the towing company has. The bigger the company is, the better the service will be. Most companies take about 15 to 45 minutes to reach according to your location and their availability. Make sure to hire the best towing company for your needs.